Integrity interview techniques

Aimed at :

  • Security managers, auditors, internal investigators

Goals :

  • Conduct an integrity interview with an employee suspected of fraud
  • Read body language
  • Negotiate

Teaching method :

  • Aspects of theory
  • Experience a real-life situation with personalized video feedback
  • Gain experience through games: detecting bluffing in poker

Duration :

  • 2 days

  • Understand the role of the interviewer
    Ethical and moral considerations

  • Preliminary investigation and preparation of the exercise
    The necessary indicators
    Witness selection
    Considerations on the physical environment  
    Approaching the employee, presenting the witness

  • Detailed interview process
    Establish your credibility      
    Describe the employee fraud
    Describe the investigation
    Understand “why”
    Ask the question
    Confirmation and consolidation of confessions

  • Interpreting behaviour
    Deceptive behaviour
    Compliant behaviour

  • Identifying rebuttals
    Interpreting denials: true or false?
    Responding to objections

  • Close the interview with or without a confession
  • Fill in the required declarations