Aggression and conflict management

Aimed at :

  • Store managers
  • Isolated sales staff

Goals :

  • Understand conflict mechanisms
  • Manage your stress in the face of aggression
  • Defuse a conflictual situation

Teaching method :

  • Aspects of theory
  • Experience a real-life situation with personalized video feedback

Duration :

  • 1 day

Course overview :

  • 1- Stress management
    • a- Definition and explanation of stress
    • b- Self-assessment of stress levels
    • c- List possible sources of stress and identify your own sources
    • d- Stress management exercise (role play and real-life situation)

  • 2- Aggression management
    • a- Definition and explanation of aggression
    • b- Understanding the process of aggression
    • c- Solutions at each stage of the process (from prevention to control)
    • d- Exercise (role play) to learn to manage aggression
    • e- Summary and conclusion