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Detecting and dealing
with internal fraud

We know that half of the unknown shrinkage caused by internal factors originates at the checkout in the form of fraudulent or abusive transactions such as reimbursements, cancelled and aborted sales, and reserved items. These illegal transactions can be traced.

82% of Anglo-Saxon retailers are equipped with fraud detection devices at the checkout: this is the most widespread solution, ahead of alarm or anti-theft systems.
Video: example of fraud
« You could believe that you are monitoring a perfect transaction ? In reality, what you see is a voided transaction followed by a “no sale’”. At the end, you can even see the cashier throwing the receipt into the garbage and recording her own sales on the calculator!!”

In France, Loss Prevention recommends
and distributes IntelliQ software.

IntelliQ is Europe’s leading supplier of anti-fraud IT systems.

The processing and detailed analysis of checkout data by the IntelliQ software allows near-systematic detection of fraud and improper practices at all cash registers in the network.

The goal is to increase sales figures
and reduce shrinkage by 20-30%

Almost all of IntelliQ's clients have obtained a return on their investment within a year.

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